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  • The SHS PTSA weekly Spartan Scoop will be sent out on Sunday Evenings.
  • All news must be received the Thursday before the Sunday newsletter.
  • All news should be SHS related. 
  • All articles should be sent ready for print.
  • Articles will run for a maximum of 3 weeks. Please re-submit your article if you want the information to run at a later date.
  • Complete article information on the Submit to Spartan Scoop form.


Please fill out all information to be considered for the weekly Spartan Scoop, the SHS PTSA website or social media, or an eBlast.  The Spartan Scoop is published every Sunday.  An eBlast can be sent out intermediately, but it is based on approval.  Please do not select this option unless the material is time-sensitive, important information that needs to be disseminated quickly and cannot be covered in the Sunday Spartan Scoop.


Aimee Donnel is new to the PTSA, and she will be helping prepare our newsletters this school year. We will follow the same submission process as prior years, although the submission form may look different. All submissions will need to be turned in using the form by Thursday to be included in the following week’s newsletter.  Any PTSA newsletter, PTSA website or PTSA social media questions, please contact Aimee Donnel at


Any SHS PTSA questions can be sent to our 2019 - 2020 PTSA President, Katherine Dawson -